[Film Series] Dériver/Arrivée | A Century of Travel in French Cinema

[Film Series] Dériver/Arrivée | A Century of Travel in French Cinema
3 October 2019 - 14 November 2019
Ngee Ann Kongsi Auditorium, Education Resource Centre, Level 2, University Town, NUS.

About the Series
Positioned as an inquiry around NUS Museum’s exhibition, “…you have to lose your way to find yourself in the right place” | Selected Works by Gilles Massot, this film series reflects on a past century of journeys as presented within the French consciousness, where identity and itinerancy are twin notions that lay the tracks for such sojourns across fictional lands and foreign spaces.

The title takes its cue from Derrida and Malabou’s analysis of the voyage as a matter of “deriving and arriving” and examines the exhibition’s titular trajectory, picking out “…you have to lose your way” as a premise of dériver (to leave the shore), that stands in ambivalent relation to its conclusion “to find yourself in the right place”, the arrivée (to reach the shore). In an attempt to articulate the slippages that occur between these two states where derivations and driftings may reach a destination anticipated or unexpected, the films presented meander through the sentiments of play, travel and art-making, arriving eventually at the dialectics of cultural baggage, socio-political dynamics and memory.

Upcoming Event

14 NOV / 7PM
Gaston Melies and His Wandering Star Film Company (2015) [NC16]

7PM: Opening talk by Toh Hui Ping. Filmmaker, Researcher and Artist.
7.15PM: Film Screening

Pieced together using archival footage from Gaston Melies, a pioneering French film maker and brother of the more renowned Georges Melies, this documentary traces his journey through Asia in the early 20th century.


Past Events

3 OCT / 7PM
PlayTime (1967) by Jacques Tati [PG]
Opening talk by Dr Jeremy Fernando Lecturer, Tembusu College

Jacques Tati’s monumental, bank-breaking production, thrusts the lovably old-fashioned Monsieur Hulot, along with an array of other lost souls, into a bewildering world of futuristic Paris.


17 OCT / 7PM
Visages Villages (2017) by Agnès Varda & JR [PG]
Opening talk by Tom White Freelance Photographer & Instructor, Yale-NUS College

Cinematic visionary Agnès Varda and iconic photographer JR form an unlikely friendship, travelling around rural France to create large portraits of the people they meet.


31 OCT / 7PM
[Workshop] FilmNotes: Conversations on the Travelogue
This workshop is held at the NUS Museum.

How have accounts of sojourns shaped our modern consciousness of the world and our identities? Can new meanings and voices emerge from the interstices between cinematic, photographic and textual elements? Using Gilles Massot’s video work Meeting in Macau (2019) as a point of departure, placed in conversation with Nocturne Indien directed by Alain Corneau, this roundtable examines the travelogue as medium that has characterised the politics of representation over the course of history, as well as a process in which narrative can emerge from a bricolage of intertextual materials.

To think about these shifting modes of representation, this iteration of FilmNotes engages Dr Tania Roy alongside Dr Anne Thell and curator Hsu Fang-Tze who will draw on discourse inherent to accounts on sojourns such as recapitulations of the self, hermeneutics, ideology, post-colonial consumptions of Asia, and self-imposed amnesia. Framed as an open discussion with participants, the dialogic space is amenable to new threads of conversation that will hopefully illuminate and reify perspectives on foreignness and the ambiguities of identity.

Image: (Top to Bottom):
Gaston Melies and His Wandering Star Film Company (2015). Film still of the Singapore segment of the story (montage of photographs taken by Gaston Méliès' team while in Singapore in 1912) © Nocturne Productions, 2015.
PlayTime (1967). Copyright of Les Films de Mon Oncle.
Visages Villages (2017). Copyright of Agnès Varda-JR-Ciné-Tamaris, Social Animals 2016.
Gilles Massot, Meeting in Macau (2019). Digital Vide. 00:24:32. Collection of artist.
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Oct 3 - Nov 14, 2019
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7:00 PM SGT
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FilmNotes: Conversations on the Travelogue (Thurs, 31 Oct, 7PM) FULL
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